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From the supply of one or more machines to complete turn-key solutions, our aim is to ensure that your activities can continue with minimal delay, also for ATEX environments.

Our products can be used in nearly every industry. However, due to the large product offering it can be difficult to see all possible applications immediately. Also in many applications extra synergies can be achieved through cleverly combining machines. This can lead to better performance and efficiency.

If you experience a problem with cooling, ventilation, air-filtration, heating or dehumidification, our sales team can offer you the right advice and work together with you to decide which product solution is the best for your specific industry and application.


To prevent gas and dust explosions, European directives have been drawn up that apply over and above national legislation. These directives require employers to ensure that where explosive atmospheres may occur, safe working conditions are provided.

Industrial ventilation

In the industrial sector, good ventilation is essential. Air coming from production halls, machine rooms, aircraft hangars, etc. is quickly contaminated with, for example, (fine) dust, welding fumes, paint fumes, carbon monoxide and gases, which is harmful for your equipment, employees and your production activities.






Air filtration


Climate solutions for industrial, maritime and ATEX environments.

We provide solutions to solve your problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


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