In the industrial sector, good ventilation is essential. Air coming from production halls, machine rooms, aircraft hangars, etc. is in fact quickly contaminated with, for example, (fine) dust, welding fumes, paint fumes, carbon monoxide and gases, which is harmful to your equipment, employees and your production activities.

When we talk about ventilation of industrial processes, we mean the supply or exhaust of air in a part of the production process to prevent contamination of the environment (gases, fumes), cooling of machine parts, etc. Fans are also frequently used to speed up drying processes, bring cooling by air movement and transport cool or warm air.

Axial fans move a lot of air, which makes them ideal for creating an ideal indoor climate during your drying process. Air movement ensures better evaporation at the surface to be dried during drying, which keeps the capillary’s moisture output in operation.

Radial/centrifugal fans have a lower air volume, but can build up a higher pressure. Transporting air through a duct system or air transport hoses with possible bends gives a lot of resistance, requiring high pressure to transport the air.

Radial fans are great for use in negative pressure and/or positive pressure situations.

Dryfast Industrial supplies both radial (centrifugal) and axial fans for fixed installations, as well as mobile versions to customer and/or application specifications. Dryfast Industrial can also offer ATEX certified solutions for applications in gas or dust explosion hazardous areas.

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