Axial fan DFC series

Wind machines have a high air volume and are therefore extremely suitable for aerating larger industrial spaces, warehouses tunnels, etc.

During various processes in industry, there is a great need to cool, for example, CNC machines, turning and milling machines as well as other production machines.

Product specifications

Article codeAir output max.Air pressure max.Air speedAir temperature max.Connection voltagePower consumptionRecommended fusePlug connectorSwitchableNoise levelDimensions L x W x HDiameterIP classWeightMobility
Axial fan DFC series DFC50000 50.000m³/h 300 Pa - 60°C 400V/50Hz 15 kW 32A 400V/ 32A - 5-pole frequency regulated 80 dB(A) @3mtr. 1350 x 1150 x 1150 mm Free blowing IP55 300 kg mobile/ movable
Axial fan DFC100000 DFC100000 100.000m³/h 200 Pa - 60°C 400V/50Hz 30 kW 63A 400V/ 63A - 5-pole frequency regulated 86 dB(A) @3mtr. 1750 x 1250 x 1650 mm Free blowing IP55 450 kg mobile/ movable


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