Axial fan DFW series

The DFW series are by its robust frames and high air volumes extremely suitable for aerating (larger) industrial spaces and warehouses.  During various processes in the industry there is much need for cooling, for example, CNC machines, turning and milling machines as well as other production machines. By the possibility of stacking and creating an 'air wall', the air capacity can be increased and space can be saved. 

Product specifications

Article codeAir output max.Air pressure max. Air speedAir temperature max.Connection voltage Power consumptionRecommended fusePlug connectorSwitchable Noise level Dimensions L x W x HDiameterIP classWeight Mobility
Axial fan DFW series DFW20000 20000 m³/h 110 Pa 8.8 m/s - 31.68 km/h 45 °C 230 V/ 50 Hz (3.8 A) 0,79 kW 10 A 230 V with protective earth Freely adjustable 50-80 dB(A) @3mtr. 1070 x 600 x 1300 mm - IP55 52 kg mobile, stackable
Axial fan DFW45000 DFW45000 45600 m³/h 70 Pa 9.6 m/s - 34.56 km/h 40 °C 400 V/ 50 Hz (2,8A) 1,5 kW 10 A CEE 16A, 5-pole - 65 dB(A) @3mtr. 1395 x 720 x 1625 mm - IP55 88 kg mobile, stackable


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