Axial fan DWM series

The DWM25000 and DWM35000 are designed for anyone looking for a professional fan for indoor and outdoor use in almost any application. The wind machine combines a sturdy mobile design with high air capacity and excellent value for money. These fans convince with a two-stage displacement with a maximum capacity of 27,600 m³/h and 32,400 m³/h. These fans can be used for product drying in agriculture, cooling of production processes, ventilation at events and production halls or simply situations where high airflow is required. Thereby, the discharge direction can be changed by the adjustable angle of inclination from vertical to horizontal.

Product specifications

Article codeAir output max.Air pressure max.Air speedAir temperature max.Connection voltage Power consumptionRecommended fusePlug connectorSwitchable Noise level Dimensions L x W x HDiameterIP classWeight Mobility
Axial fan DWM series DWM25000 Position 1 - 21,000 m³/h Position 2 - 27,600 m³/h 160 Pa - 40 °C 230V / 50Hz 0,65 kW 16 A CEE 7/7 type E/F yes 75 dB(A) @3mtr. 1060 x 525 x 1140 mm free blowing IP24 44 kg mobile / movable
Axial fan DWM35000 (kopie) (kopie) DWM35000 Position 1 - 24,600 m³/h Position 2 - 32,400 m³/h 160 Pa - 40 °C 230V/50Hz 0.75 kW 16 A CEE 7/7 type E/F yes 75 dB(A) @3mtr. 1230 x 525 x 1290 mm free blowing IP24 49 kg mobile/ movable


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