Condenser dryer DH600

The DH600 is a fully automatic high-capacity free-standing dehumidifier. With an internal hygrostat as standard, the powerful high-pressure fan allows this large machine in the range to be used either free-blowing or connected to ductwork.

This is an ideal solution for larger storage locations, production areas but also data centres and many other applications.

Optionally, the DH600 can be connected to BMS systems, fitted with air filters and alternative discharge options.

Key features

  • Fully automatic
  • Built-in hygrostat
  • Polyester-coated evaporator and condenser
  • Plastisol coated galvanised housing
  • Hot gas defrost system for low temperature operation


  • Top or rear discharge opening
  • Return air filter
  • Condensate pump
  • BMS options
  • External hygrostat


Article code


Temperature range

-15 -30°C

Dehumidification capacity @ 30°C/60% RH


Heat recovery @ 30°C/60% RH

29.7 kW

Air output

9.000 m³/h

Air pressure

80 Pa

Noise level

63 dB(A)



Connection voltage


Power consumption

10 kW

Full-load amps

26 A

Max. recommended fuse

35 A

Compressor start ampere

135 A

Compressor start ampere (soft start)

55 A

R407 gas filling / CO2 equivalent

14.0/ 24.84 kg/t

Dimensions L x W x H

1730 x 1250 x 1600 mm


497 kg

Condensate drain size

1½" BSPM inch/ mm



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