Air Purification

During many production processes and maintenance activities, substances or gases are generated that are harmful to health, environment and installations.
Examples include quartz dust, asbestos fibers, glass wool and rock wool fibers, mold spores, etc.

Also, the air can contain undesirable odors, which are not necessarily harmful, but certainly do not contribute to a pleasant working environment. It is therefore important, and often required by legislation or insurance regulations, that these substances are properly filtered out of the air using specialized equipment.

Dryfast Industrial supplies a range of air filtration equipment such as air cleaners/filter boxes that can be fitted with G4 to H14 filters, paint mist filters, as well as activated carbon filters to filter non-oxidizing gases and odors such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hydrocarbons from the air.

We can help you maintain your quality standards, minimize costs caused by illness and downtime, and create a safe working environment and healthy indoor climate.

Examples of areas of application:

  • During industrial work
  • During blasting work
  • During airless paint spraying work
  • During construction and reconstruction work
  • Cleanrooms
  • Museums and libraries

Our solutions are applicable in almost any industry, including environments where ATEX certified solutions are required. We are therefore happy to assist you in selecting the right machines specifically for your situation.

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